Blog Page

We are starting to create our blog content…

As Alesta Naturel team, the products we produce by constantly updating and adding products with rhythm and form; We decided to create this blog page to learn and share informative, educational and entertaining information about the usage areas, usage patterns and properties of veneer (Papel), plywood, plywood and wood products. We hope we can help those who need and wonder.

The categories we are targeting for our blog:

  • Products: We will share the advantages of your products and what kind of projects your customers are using your products for.
  • Industry News: The Wood, Plywood and Plywood industry is a constantly growing and evolving industry. We will constantly share current news from the industry here.
  • Tips and Tricks: We will share information about the use of wood, plywood and plywood. Which product should be used in which project, the correct way of use. etc. we will have articles about the issues.
  • Customer Reviews: We will write articles about the reviews and shares of our customers about the products.
  • Education: We want to learn new information about our sector and share what we have learnt here.

We can update our categories and make additions in line with the work we do over time, the information we have learned and what is requested from us. We hope we can be informative, educational and beneficial 🙂